We are excited to welcome you to this years CuTie.BIPoC Festival that has moved from Copenhagen! back to Berlin. CuTie.BIPoC is a Festival for and by Queer_Trans*_Inter*_Black_Indigenous_and_People_of_Color. A group of us, organisers in Berlin (Germany) are planning a three-day CuTie.BIPoC festival by and for QTIBIPOC (Queer_Trans*_Inter*_Black_Indigenous_and_People_of_Color) during 19-21 of July 2019. This is the 5th... Continue Reading →

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Sleeping places

Please fill out this form if you want to offer a sleeping place: OFFER ACCOMMODATION Please fill out this form if you need a sleeping place: NEED ACCOMMODATION

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Register for the festival!

It will be very helpful for us to have an overview of how big the festival will be this year and to have an idea of different accessibility needs. Please register Below. REGISTRATION FORM  

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Dates and venue

The festival will take place between July 19-21. The venue will be located in Manege on Rütlistraße 1-3, 12045 Berlin Neukölln.

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Workshop submissions

Français ci-dessous (Other languages coming!) Dear community, With the festival around the corner we have received workshop submissions (thank you so much for that!) and would like to extend the deadline and encourage people to submit workshop or moderated discussion ideas around Colorism in different communities Class/ paper status and/or privileges Disability/Mental health. As these... Continue Reading →

Travel costs

Engl. below Esp. abajo De. unten   نستطيع دعم تغطية تكاليف السفر من الدول الغير أوروبية بقيمة-100 يورو و-50 يورو للسفر من داخل أوروبا . نعلم أنه ليس كافي ونود دعمكم بشكل أكبر إن كان بمقدورنا . كما و نحن ندرك هذا لا يشمل جميع تكاليف السفر ونتمنى لو كنا نستطيع تغطية جميع التكاليف ولكن... Continue Reading →

PERFORMANCE – Call for submissions

Dear Cuties, We are excited to announce that we are now accepting suggestions for our performance night on July 20th. We invite emerging and established artists to participate in making the first night of this festival memorable. We encourage submissions from performers of all ages, disciplines and artistic traditions to share their artwork. Don’t hesitate... Continue Reading →

Call Out for accessibility team!

We need more people to make the CuTie.BIPoC 2018 (Queer, Trans, Inter.. - Black, Indigenous and People of Color) more accessible for more people! We are looking for: Anyone who wants to join the coordination and help organize the following tasks around accessibility at this years festival   People who can offer translations: Texts from... Continue Reading →

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