Call out for safety-team!

Dear CutieBPoC community! We are looking for a safety team... It is important for us to provide a safer space, while acknowledging and making the community aware that no space can be 100% safe for everyone involved. We also want to ask of our community to have reasonable expectations of what the orga-team and the safety-team... Continue Reading →

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Call out for kitchen organizers!

Dear CutieBPoC community! We are very happy to announce that our venue has an industrial kitchen that will facilitate lots of yummy community brunches and dinners during the festival. We need your help though - we are looking for 3 - 4 volunteers to organize the kitchen during the festival. We have already created an... Continue Reading →

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We still need lots of funds to be able to make the festival happen! Please read our budget/economy announcement here... You can donate here: You can also organize a community-event, a Soli-party or raise money other ways in your local community. We extramextrawextra (lol) welcome money from white folks! Lots of love and appriciation for... Continue Reading →

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Workshop toolbox

Dear community! We have listed topics and themes we would love to see on the program here. We want to emphasize that a submission to a workshop doesn’t imply that you’ll plan and organize the workshop 100% alone. It’s possible to simply facilitate a workshop - which means that you suggest it, open the workshop... Continue Reading →

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Workshop ideas

This year we will pre-design the program with the submissions from the community. There will also be open slots for spontaneous activities. Workshops don't have to be 100% organized - one can sign up as facilitator and simply lead discussions that the participants have. For more facilitating information, read this! Here is a list of... Continue Reading →

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