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Dear community!

We have listed topics and themes we would love to see on the program here.

We want to emphasize that a submission to a workshop doesn’t imply that you’ll plan and organize the workshop 100% alone. It’s possible to simply facilitate a workshop – which means that you suggest it, open the workshop with some words and lead/facilitate the discussion that the entire group has. Here is an example/tool box of how that might go.

Suggested/requested workshop: Radical Community Care + Self Care


  • Preparations: Do you need any supplies for this workshop – like paper, pens, projector, pillows, candles etc? You can write a list of things you want to open up with, to facilitate your introduction. You can also announce the workshop at the morning-meeting, at brunch or dinner, and ask other to join the facilitation.
  • Introduction: Here one can introduce the topic. Why did you chose to facilitate this workshop? What are people’s expectations? How to people understand Radical Community Care and Self Care? Maybe a small round with names, pronounces, expectations, interests etc.
    • Safety: If it’s a topic that is emotionally/politically/mentally sensitive, make sure to assure the participants that it’s ok to leave or take a break. Everyone is entitled to their own experience and everyone is responsible for creating this space.
  • Practicalities: Is the group big – would people prefer to split into smaller groups? Are there specific topics that people want to touch? If there are several different topics – maybe the smaller groups should be divided into those.
  • During the workshop: You can either participate in the discussions or prepare some questions that you want to round off the discussions with. If the workshop is divided into smaller groups, you can prepare some questions for the bigger group to talk about when you all meet again.
  • Rounding up: If divided into smaller groups – every group can talk about what they discussed. What was interesting/difficult/empowering/conflictive to talk about? Are there things that weren’t talked about and that people would like to bring forward? Were people’s expectations met?


We want to encourage everyone to host/facilitate/organize workshops – no past experience is needed! We want to create a space where we are patient and respectful with each other, we are here to learn about community-building and more – it can be empowering, emotional and interesting to organize a workshop you think is missing on the program although you really want to discuss the topic! If you need help to setup a workshop, reach out to us or other members of the community, we will all help each other out!


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