We have reached out to people that have offered to organize a safety-team during the festival. There will always be a visible safety-team to who you can reach out to. You can also ask the orga-team, that will be introduced during the festival, who is part of the safety-team and how to reach them.

It is important for us to provide a safer space, while acknowledging and making the community aware that no space can be 100% safe for everyone involved. We also want to ask of our community to have reasonable expectations of what the orga-team and the safety-team can provide. The CutieBPoC-festival is a DIY/DIT (Do-It-Yourself/Do-It-Together)-project, which means that we create everything together and that the organizers are simply facilitators and organize the practicalities of the festival.

Because of what we have stated above, it is important for us to point out that everyone is collectively and individually responsible for the safety and any possible conflicts during the festival. This means that the safety- and orga-team are there to help and facilitate any resolutions and to provide a helping hand, a shoulder to cry on or to make communication easier. But we ask everyone to not have unreasonable expectations of emotional/communicational-labor and to not use the safety-team for conflicts that have happened outside of the festival. If you have a conflict that has occurred in your local community or in previous CutieBPoC-festivals, please reach out to your local community members or organizers and/or contact us beforehand. We state this because we understand that conflict is inevitable in spaces where politics, emotions and intimacy go close together, and because we believe that there is a balance to strive for when practicing, creating and maintaining a community that meets during a weekend once a year. This balance is difficult to attain but involves not putting too much labor on each other and always being conscious about the collective and individual responsibility we all carry when attending, participating and contributing to a community.

We still assure you that the orga- and safety-team are there for everyone and prioritize all kinds of safety. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate in contacting us!

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