A group of us, organisers in Berlin (Germany) are planning a three-day CuTie.BIPoC festival by and for QTIBIPOC (Queer_Trans*_Inter*_Black_Indigenous_and_People_of_Color) during 19-21 of July 2019.

This is the 5th edition of the groundbreaking focused event that has previously occurred 3 times in Berlin and one time in Copenhagen, building on the work of connected coalition projects that
focus on self-organising platforms for marginalised groups.

We wish to strengthen the growing QTIBIPoC communities around Europe (and outside it) by coming together, sharing resources and creating a space for people to address issues that affect us and
our communities.

We will be offering 3 days of workshops, screenings, performances and discussions as well as spaces to connect.

We see our community as extremely necessary in a time of rising fascism, when the exploitation of workers is increasingly racialized, when racism seems to be default, when hetero- and cissexism plague many of our community members on a daily basis, when borders are closing and the EU is increasingly keeping our friends, families and loved ones out and when the intersection of different oppressions sometimes makes building a community the only survival strategy available.

To make this festival possible we need funding for:

Promotional material
Location fees
Material costs for workshops
Technical equipment fees

Further information about the program will be out in the beginning of July. Visit us for updates also at Facebook and Instagram!




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