Festival program

What can you expect from this years Festival Program?

We are still in the process of receiving submissions to this year’s festival, but so far we have a great variety of performances, physical activities, music, DJ’s, film screenings and discussion based workshops. The themes we have chosen to work with are, but not limited to:

  • Decolonizing through Spiritual practice
  • Self care
  • Moving from community to social change
  • Adoption
  • Asylum / paper issues
  • Prison abolition
  • Health

The program will approximately look like this: start at 10am with a morning exercise, followed by brunch, first round of workshops and then followed by lunch, a second round of workshops/film screenings followed by dinner and an evening program (performance night + open stage, party). There will also be breaks and time to relax. It is not mandatory to attend workshops, but they are there if you need them!

A full program will be out in the beginning of July, and if you would like to facilitate a workshop, perform or contribute in another way send an email by the 25th of June to cutiebpoc.submission@riseup.net



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