We want to be transparent about our organizing processes and will therefore include the community in the festival economy. We have a budget that anyone can access with a link, so if you’re interested in taking a look at it, please let us know!

As we have stated, Copenhagen is an expensive city and unfortunately our expenses have tripled from last year. We have made an optimistic, intermediate and pessimistic estimation of the budget and are leaning towards the intermediate one, which leaves our budget at around 70.000DKK (9300€). We have managed to raise around 5700€ and therefore still need to raise 3600€. We need all your help to manage this and would very much appreciate your help with fundraising, whether it’s through community-events, parties or anything else. The festival is free but based on donations and we strongly encourage those who have funds enough to donate 2-5€ per meal + 10-20€ for general festival attendance. These are voluntary donations. We want to give a reasonable amount of money to the next years orga-team and the donations are therefore important.

Also, the prioritization of the festival-budget is up for debate. If the community for thinks that (for example) accommodation-accessibility is more important than parties, please contact us. We would love some input on the economy part since it’s been very difficult to calculate what is reasonable in terms of prioritization.

If you want to support the festival economically – please visit the Support!-page