DIY/DIT concept

DIY/DIT means Do It Yourself / Do It Together. This concept means that everyone who attends the festival is collectively and individually responsible for the community and the events. Unlike for example conferences, in this DIY/DIT festival the program will be decided by the attendants and with possibility of spontaneously facilitating/organizing activities during the open spaces of the program. The cooking, childcare, cleaning and setting up will be handled collectively and teams will be requested every morning and evening. The festival is completely non-profit and it is important for us not to prioritize certain labor over other – artists, cooking-team, cleaners, workshop-facilitators, safety-team, childcarers and everyone else are equally important for the festival to be successful.

One of the aims of the festival is to practice, create and maintain a CutieBPoC community. We find it important to practice organizing in ways we find more sustainable than how society is usually organized within patriarchy and capitalism and taking collective responsibility for everything is a way to do so.

Please contact us if you have any questions!

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