Call Out for workshop submissions!

Hey Cuties,

We are excited to announce that we are now open for new submissions for workshops and discussions. You can make it happen by sharing your knowledge, dreams and skills.

We invite you to organize a workshop at CuTie.BIPoC Berlin 2018. We believe that CuTie.BIPoC (Queer, Trans,Inter…,- Black, Indigenous and People of Color) are visionaries.

Creating and maintaining safe(r) community spaces is never an easy task. As we have experienced, CuTie.BIPoC spaces are not always isolated from oppressive structures. Therefore we would like to take this chance during this festival to address these issues together as well as feedback from the previous CuTieBIPoC festivals .

The topics that we would like to focus on this year are:
  • Creating sustainable communities / sustainable organizing
    • How can we really organize in a non-hierarchial way and what strategies can we incorporate in our organising to maintain this?
  • How to organize a CuTie.BIPoC festival, how to raise funds, how to share resources
  • How can we create concrete physical  CuTie.BIPoC spaces?
  • Creating a CuTie.BIPIoC Festival organizing protocol handbook
  • For the Tech Cuties: Internet security /online networks
    • How to incorporate it into our community  and create safe(r) online spaces to connect with each other
  • Creating a reliable online resource/archive space
  • Creative DIY hands on workshops. Sharing practical / crafty / creative skills
  • Anti-Blackness in QTIBIPOC spaces
  • Colourism in our own communities
  • Accessbility/ Classism/ dominance of English language and its use as a tool of power in our festival
  • Queer and Aging – securing resources for our aging cuties 
  • Trans of color politics 
    • How to navigate being trans in our own communities and outside:
      • Creating support, tools and resources for Trans cuties
      • Creating visibility beyond binaries 
Don’t hesitate to submit your ideas if they don’t fall into these suggestions. We would like to hear from you so we can all create a diverse program together.  
Send us an email: workshop_cutie(at)mail(dot)de
We look forward to hearing from you!!!

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