Call Out for accessibility team!

We need more people to make the CuTie.BIPoC 2018 (Queer, Trans, Inter.. – Black, Indigenous and People of Color) more accessible for more people!

We are looking for:

  • Anyone who wants to join the coordination and help organize the following tasks around accessibility at this years festival
  •   People who can offer translations:
    • Texts from English to Arabic, Castellano, Farsi, Francais, Dutch, Portuguese, Deutsch, Einfache Sprache… any other language you can offer is welcome too! Please don´t worry about language perfection. If you know a language but don´t  always get the grammar as in textbooks, you can still translate! The plainer the language, the better.
  • Whispering translations of the workshops/discussions
  • Fast typers, so that we can offer simultaneous reading
  • People who can help organize a wheelchair accessible toilet and help build the ramp and various paths to the toilet
  • Metal ramps for inside and outside the building
  • People who can organize childcare or/and do childcare during the festival

We have to make sure that everyone can actually access this festival. On long-term we want to work on a sustained network for resources around accessibility in our community and we invite everyone who wants to join and support this process!

Please write to  accessibility_cutie[at]mail[dot]de



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