Call out for safety-team!

Dear CutieBPoC community!

We are looking for a safety team… It is important for us to provide a safer space, while acknowledging and making the community aware that no space can be 100% safe for everyone involved. We also want to ask of our community to have reasonable expectations of what the orga-team and the safety-team can provide. The CutieBPoC-festival is a DIY/DIT (Do-It-Yourself/Do-It-Together)-project, which means that we create everything together and that the organizers are simply facilitators and organize the practicalities of the festival.

We want to have a safety team at site in case of any conflict, confrontation, (mental) health issue or need for general support and comfort! The team will be visible at the venue and will facilitate communication, offer a shoulder to cry on, do conflict resolution, help out in case of smaller accidents and other kinds of support that might be needed in our space. 

Although the job might seem overwhelming, it’s a very important task and we hope that no bigger conflicts etc. will arise. The safety team will always be in close contact and cooperation with the orga-team.

We would love to find a group of people that have experience within conflict resolution, community accountability, self- and community-care and that may have participated in safety teams before. It’s not a must though, and anyone who feels emotionally/physically/intellectually/spiritually (etc.) challenged to take on this important task – please don’t hesitate!!!! Read more under Safety to get an idea of what thoughts we’ve had around this…

Contact us on for more info and to sign up!

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