Accessibility covers many aspects – physical spaces, language and economy are some of them. For translations, please go to the “Translations”-menu. For economy and more, please go to Community announcements. In this section we will discuss the physical spaces.

Unfortunately, Denmark does not have many accessibility regulations which is very noticeable in the way the city is organized and what the municipality offers. Accessibility has been highly prioritized during the entire process of organizing the festival.

The venue, Trampoline House, is wheelchair-accessible and has a wheelchair-accessible WC. There are small steps around the house and we will therefore rent ramps. We still need to confirm the venue for parties, but we are only in contact with wheelchair-accessible spaces. Additionally, we have decided to concentrate the festival in the neighborhood of Nordvest in order to keep transportation from different venues short.

We want to recognize our shortcomings in how accessible we can make this festival and we realize that there will always be aspects to work on. If anyone has any specific needs or want to offer their help in making the venue and festival more accessible, please contact us on:

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