Callout for workshop submissions for CutieBIPoC 2019

We encourage you all to share your skills, knowledge and experiences in order to make this years’ program as rich as possible.
Please mail us if you’re interested in facilitating a workshop at

Please have the following information ready upon submission:
Name, email, workshop title and a short description.

On the one hand we would like to have a focus on Anti-Black racism and colourism. Therefore we are working with people to come up with a good preparation. But we still need your ideas, thoughts and support. So if you’d like to (co-)facilitate a workshop on the topic of colourism and/or Anti-Black rascism please write us a few words about what you can imagine/offer. We’ll bring you all together and coordinate a final program for this slot.

On the other hand we would like to have a focus on consent & rape-culture. Therefore we thought about workshops about consent & negotiations, misogynie & rape culture and accountability. Here we would like to also offer various workshops, which are a coherent slot. So if you send us your ideas and thoughts about what you can offer, we will put you in touch, coordinate and create a final program.

Further topics/issues we’ve been thinking about were: trans* femme empowerment, feminist masculinities, sexworkers empowerment, sexual health, accountability & accessibility, body-soul connection, sharing & exchanging.

These are just our ideas, it is not an exhaustive list – if you have any other ideas, we’ll be happy about it.

We are also looking for a person who could moderate a final round. Here we would like to focus on community (,) accountability and the future festivals. We are open for your ideas!

Please consider using non-academic language and more accessible methods while submitting to make the spaces more comfortable for people.

We have limited spaces but we will do our best to make all of your ideas possible. Please send in your submission latest by July 1st. We will approach you for further information and so on, after we created a final schedule. this will be by July 8th.

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