Accommodation/camping update

Dear CutieBPoC community!

We have started to match accommodation offers and requests and you’ll be put into contact this weekend! We are very thankful for the amount of support we’ve gotten and happy to announce that everyone who has requested accommodation until now will be accommodated for free. Since there’s less than a week til the festival, we won’t be able to accommodate more people in offered homes from now on.

We have made a deal with a camping-place where we will pay for camping spaces for those who still don’t have a place to sleep. If you don’t have a sleeping space still, please bring your camping-gear (if you are ok with camping). We have done what we can do accommodate everyone, but the last days before the festival we have to prioritize other organizational tasks. We will pay 60 DKK (8€) per person per night, and there’s also possibilities of sleeping in caravans and cabins for a higher price – we will still refund you the 8€ per night!

The camping is situated close to the venues and is open 24/7. Please find more information here:

If you need a camping space you can contact the Helpdesk at the festival venue. Any questions, contact


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