Accessibility update

Dear community!

To keep you updated…

Accessibility has been a high priority throughout this process. Trampoline house and Ungdomshuset has accessible toilets, are on the ground floor and we have rented ramps for both venues. We also offer travel refunds up to 50€ for those who don’t have funds enough to travel. Accommodation setup has also been open and active for more than a month and a half and camping-price refunds will be available for those comfortable with camping.

A couple of physical workshops will be held on the second floor in Ungdomshuset which means there will be stairs to access the workshops. Accessibility is a community responsibility and we hope the community will be willing to work on this responsibility together. Copenhagen is often not organized in an accessible way but we have done our best to increase accessibility on several levels for the community to be able to participate in this festival.

If you have any questions, please contact

See you on the 21st of July!

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