Why a CutieBPoC festival?

A group of us, organisers in Copenhagen (Denmark) and Malmö (Sweden) are planning a four-day Cutie.BPoC festival by and for QTIBPOC (Queer_Trans*_Inter*_Black_and_People_of_Color) during July 2017. This is a groundbreaking focused event that has not previously occurred in Scandinavia in this form but is building on the work of connected coalition projects that focus on self-organising platforms for marginalised groups. As QTIBPOC, we often experience that certain aspects of our identities are separated. Within Queer spaces only our Queerness is in focus, in a way that erases our BPoC experiences. The same happens in BPoC communities, where our Queerness is not always acknowledged. This is why this dedicated space is so important. We hope to create a space where our complex identities can flourish through community building.

We wish to strengthen the growing QTIBPoC communities around Europe (and outside it) by coming together, sharing resources and creating a space for people to address issues that affect us and our communities.


*This definition of PoC is based on experiences and it reflects our realities in a European context. This definition is a work in progress and is vulnerable to critic.

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