Copenhagen context

Dear CutieBPoC-community!

The orga-team is extremely happy to welcome you to the Copenhagen edition of our CutieBPoC-festival this year. As the idea with the festival is to introduce our community to different cities as well as bringing the larger community to our (sometimes) smaller cities, we want to give you some context to the city of Copenhagen and tell you about our community here. As the festival location changes, so does the context and possibilities for organizing.


Copenhagen is expensive. Food, accommodation and transport is generally not as cheap as in Berlin (where the festival has previously been organized). We realize that this is an accessibility issue and will therefore provide as much as our budget allows. These are the measures we have taken:

This means that we, as previous years, will offer brunch, lunch and dinner at the venue everyday. The food will be simple but filling, vegan/vegetarian and prepared by our designated kitchen team along with volunteers. The food is based on donations and we strongly encourage those who have the funds to donate 2-5€ per meal.

Travel expenses
We also want to offer economic reimbursement for folx who have limited funds. We have arranged for 10 guests to be reimbursed with 30€ and 5 guests with 60€ – or offer 15 people to receive 50€ each. This will be arranged after the festival and calculated according to how many requests we get.

Our venue is located in the neighbourhood of Nordvest (North-west of Copenhagen). It is a working class neighbourhood with lots of people of color and we have estimated Nordvest to be the safest neighbourhood for our community to move around in. In Nordvest there are lots of so called green-shops and cheap(er) food. There are bus stops, supermarkets and parks  close to the venue and our events outside the venue will be in close connection to the venue.

Transport within Copenhagen
Copenhagen is a bike-city! One can rent city bikes for 4€/hour. The venue is located 5km from the city centre and there are busses running all night for 3€. We are keeping the festival within Nordvest and Nørrebro, so much transportation won’t be needed.

In 2015 members of the orga-team participated in the CutieBPoC festival in Berlin. Before that a couple of movie-nights and hangouts had been organized for cutieBPoCs but there wasn’t really an established community. There are several groups in the city of Copenhagen who deal with and organize around issues that concern our communities, some of them use terms such as LGBTQ, ethnic minorities and/or refugees/asylum seekers. Since 2015 the cutieBPoC community has grown stronger and become more established. We don’t necessarily have physical community meet-ups but we know of each other and more and more ties are created. The community is still very small and we come from different contexts/communities/experiences. The orga-team is very happy to see the community grow and we hope that this festival will facilitate further growth and establishment.

The orga-group consists of 8 people based in Copenhagen and Malmø. Some of us have known each other for long, organized together in other projects or met through friends. Others have met through this process, earlier festivals or just around town. Most importantly we have grown to know each other well and become close friends through this process and all of us have ties to similar communities, whether it’s the queer-, social justice or bpoc-community!

We, of course, have different backgrounds and experiences and at times variating politics. What has gathered us is the necessity to create a community in Scandinavia where our struggles, identities, experiences etc can be explored, flourish and recognized without the whitecishetero gaze.

It is important for us to remind the community that we are community organizers and facilitators and not creators or responsables. We ask everyone to have realistic expectations and understanding of what a group of 8 people can accomplish for a community of 150-200 people. We will organize teams that are responsible for different tasks such as safety, but we ask everyone to understand that the entire community is responsible for creating this safer space (read more about this under safety).

All in all we are excited to invite you to the beautiful city of Copenhagen and hope your experience will be wonderful, whether you’re new to the community or a regular festival attendant.

The orga-team would love to facilitate accommodation for our entire community, but we have to be realistic with our possibilities. As stated above, the CutieBPoC community is not very big in Copenhagen and therefore there are unfortunately limited possibilities of being hosted by fellow-CutieBPoCs. We, although we wish we didn’t have to, ask those with funds enough to search for accommodation outside of what we can offer, in hostels or AirBnB. If that is not an option, please use our Accommodation-survey to acquire accommodation here (link). We have set some money aside to provide hostel-beds (in shared dorms), but this will only be enough for 25-30 people. Please contact us if you want to ask for accommodation-funds.

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